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Inception phase

The inception phase is jointly funded by the Regional Council of North Karelia and the School of Computing of the University of Eastern Finland.

The goals of this phase is to define the roadmap and action plan for the coming 5 years of the project. At the same time, the product and services portfolio will be profiled and and trialled with different stakeholders in Finland and abroad.


The inception phase is divided in five stages:

  • Stage 1: et.lakes ideation. Outputs: et.lakes workshop and et.lakes roadmap. The workshop gathers main actors in the community and the roles and activities are mapped for the future et.lakes community. et.lakes roadmap also describes the current market opportunities and contains the existing strengths and knowledge in the communities. Local and international partnerships are revealed and their roles defined.
  • 2) Stage 2: External panel of experts, event in Helsinki. Output: The first version of the et.lakes roadmap. The roadmap contains a description of products and services. It covers topics addressed by the Finnish experts and analyzes international sources of funding and future customers.
  • Stage 3: Testing the suitability of et.lakes products and services for international markets at international events and meetings. Output: An analysis of the suitability of et.lakes products and services for international markets (approved by the financer).
  • Stage 4: Finalizing the et.lakes action plan. Output: A report of the action plan of et-lakes approved by the financer.
  • Stage 5: et.lakes kick-off. Output: seminar with stakeholders, customers and financiers. It marks the beginning of the actual implementation of the project following the et.lakes roadmap.

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