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a silicon valley for educational technologies


The project will create the conditions for a dynamic and international et.lakes community in North Karelia that supports research-based educational technology services and products to be commercialized in the world's emerging markets.


The project will tame the educational challenges of the emerging markets and developing countries, those challenges that can not be solved without technology. For this purpose, the North Karelian educational technology companies will evolve into a rapid reaction corps, whose special knowledge in research, design and productization can meet educational demands. In the next five years, the project is expected to qualitatively improve the North Karelian products and services in the field of educational technologies on the basis of:

  1. an increase in demand,
  2. competitiveness,
  3. diversification of funding sources and,
  4. originality, freshness and pioneering nature.

The partners of et.lakes integrate with national and international networks of educational technology. Eventually customers will come based on their own initiative to North Karelia to search answers to educational challenges, which can make a bottleneck in the fastest emerging economies. The experience and know-how accumulated in the community help other partners to find customers and new financing channels, which in turn will ensure the community’s survival in the future.

Project team

The team project was started by the edTechΔ research group at the School of Computing, University of Eastern Finland. At this stage, all the team members come from the group, which has had extensive experience in developing educational solutions with and for emerging economies.

  • Prof. Erkki Sutinen
  • Specialized in Educational Technologies and ICT4D, Erkki has worked in Tanzania, South Africa and Mozambique among other countries. He is passionated about making a change in people's life through technology.
  • Kirsi Karjalainen
  • Specialized in higher education management and international business. She has organized the successful Science Festival in Joensuu, and assisted in the merge of University of Joensuu and University of Kuopio.
  • Andrés Moreno
  • Specialized in IT education and ICT4D, he has been the ICT4D expert at the largest co-operation program between Finland and Mozambique.
  • Jarkko Suhonen
  • Specialized in distance education and IT education, Jarkko currently manages the program, an online PhD program from the educational technologies group at the University of Eastern Finland.

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