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How do you see or wish to see the future classroom? What will be the role of a teacher?
by Myriam Munezero on 13 May 2014

We are glad to have two blog posts of our Natural Language Processing researcher and entrepreneur Myriam Munezero. These posts are cross-posted from her personal blog.

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et.lakes went to oppi festival (day 2)
by Andrés Moreno on 16 Apr 2014

This second day report follows the report of the first day and the introduction of the team.

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et.lakes went to oppi festival (day 1)
by Andrés Moreno on 15 Apr 2014

So Oppi Festival was in the country, and et.lakes went there.

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et.lakes goes oppi festival
by Andrés Moreno on 10 Apr 2014

At et.lakes, we have been quite excited with the upcoming Oppi Festival. It touches several points that are dear to us: education, innovation, global impact, and working with the users. To reflect that, no less of four of our people will be attending and interacting with everyone at Finlandia Talo.

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An end has a start. et.lakes kick-off event
by Andrés Moreno on 10 Apr 2014

Last month, et.lakes celebrated its official Kick-off event. The big event happened in one of our main partners premises, the Kitee Evangelical Folk High School. The et.lakes team, guests, some of our partners and friends got to Kitee on Sunday to enjoy a relaxing messdeck in the installations. Before that, several groups started to get together to discuss new ideas and projects. One of the most important things for et.lakes being worked in Kitee was an European proposal that wants to change the role of the university and companies in preparing new students and researchers in the fields of educational technology. The proposal has now been submitted and we eagerly wait for the result. We have titled it Real Life Innovations for Educational Challenges, or REALEDU. The title reflects how the project will bring researchers and entrepreneurs to interact with communities in real life scenarios, and co-create the future educational solutions.

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Exploring church technologies in Tanzania
by Ilkka Jormanainen on 07 Feb 2014

One of the et.lakes activities is a joint research project between computer science and theology departments of the UEF. The European Social Fund and Finnish Evangelical-Lutheran Church fund the two-year long “Congregational Mobile Technologies” project. The project studies and develops mobile services to enhance communication between church organizations and their members and to empower people to take actively part in church activities, just to name few aims.

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Messdecks are here to stay
by Andrés Moreno on 22 Jan 2014

The second et.lakes messdeck took place again at Erkki's house. Some pictures are published in our Facebook page, go like it! This time we got a visitor from Helsinki, Gospel Oparaocha, a recent PhD student at the edtech group with a Master's degree from Aalto University School of Economics. He presented his research topic to several of us in the room, which I can summarize as "Smart cities in ICT Business districts". He is focusing in his original Lagos, Nigeria, but et.lakes also provides him with a great research case to develop his theories.

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2014 Plans
by Andrés Moreno on 02 Jan 2014

The new year is here and most of the main milestones of the project belong to the past. In the busy last two months, et.lakes has had two workshops and a 2-week long road trip to London and back. The workshops' attendants, in Joensuu and Helsinki, welcomed the idea of et.lakes and helped refined it. The road trip gave the team a broader view of the edtech market and contact future partners for an European Erasmus+ proposal, which happen to open when we were on the road.

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Greetings from Brussels
by Jarkko Suhonen on 07 Dec 2013

The et.lakes team has almost finished the second stage of our tour in Brussels. After tomorrow’s meetings it is time for Jarkko to head back to Joensuu. Here are some of his personal reflections from the trip:

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From Online Educa Berlin (II)
by Andrés Moreno on 07 Dec 2013

After the Online Educa dinner, it got hard to get up on Friday. Still the team got in time to the conference to hear the panel on Global Learning. It was a nice surprise to see the Ugandan ICT minister inviting all of us there to go to eLearning Africa. However, the most interesting talks came from America, eLearning Africa.

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From Online Educa Berlin (I)
by Andrés Moreno on 05 Dec 2013

The et.lakes team arrived yesterday in Berlin after a 2 day drive from Helsinki, just in time for the Online Educa Berlin conference, where we plan to network with international partners to join the et.lakes initiative.

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Expert panel in Helsinki and start of the tour
by Andrés Moreno on 03 Dec 2013

The et.lakes' team has started the European road trip. The 7000km car-trip from Joensuu to London and back had its first stage at Hvittorp, Espoo. There, a panel, see program, of invited experts dissected the current roadmap and discussed the ways public and private sector could support to the establishment of start-ups focused, and even located, in emerging economies.

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Roadmap workshop summary and coming steps
by Andrés Moreno on 29 Nov 2013

Last week, et.lakes had its first public event at Science Park, the roadmap workshop. About 30 people attended the workshop and contributed to the discussion. But before the discussion, we learnt more of the potential of et.lakes from three international presentations. Dr. Abbi Nangawe, of College of Business education in Dar Es Salaam, made the case of the need of Finnish expertise for the development Tanzanian Higher Education sector. His presentation highlighted 5 areas for possible collaboration, quote:

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Israeli Ambassador to talk at Joensuu Science Park
by Erkki Sutinen on 14 Nov 2013

The Ambassador of Israel Dan Ashbel will visit School of Computing, Thursday, November 21, 2013, and we have organised an open seminar & discussion event where the Ambassador will give a talk followed by questions and answers from the audience.

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Getting ready for the workshops
by Andrés Moreno on 04 Nov 2013

At et.lakes we are getting ready to have the first workshop towards a roadmap to implement our vision: a silicon valley in North Karelia, but with educational technologies and lakes!

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