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Greetings from Brussels

07 Dec 2013

The et.lakes team has almost finished the second stage of our tour in Brussels. After tomorrow’s meetings it is time for Jarkko to head back to Joensuu. Here are some of his personal reflections from the trip:

We started the journey more than a week ago with very inspiring panel discussion in Hvittorp. After the expert panel meeting we continued to Online Educa in Berlin. The conference was a surprise for me, lot of different people representing companies, universities, schools and other players, nice atmosphere, some inspiring keynote speaks, and other interesting programme. We had several meetings during the two conference days, which I hope will eventually materialize to joint projects and further collaboration.

From Berlin we continued to Brussels where we spent quite a nice weekend spending time in interesting shops, cafeterias and restaurants. Today we had a fruitful meeting with Ms. Deirdre Lennan, an International Cooperation Officer at European Commission. She had some good insights on how to apply funding from the upcoming Erasmus+ programme. She seemed to be genuinely interested about our plans regarding the expansio of IMPDET studies to various African countries, as well as establishing an European knowledge alliance around contextual ICT education. Also earlier today we had a look at Horizon 2020 programmes, and some of the upcoming calls. There seems to be quite many interesting opportunities both to our edtech research group as well as the whole etLakes community regarding research and development initiatives in emerging economies. Tomorrow we still have three more meetings with people from Finnish and European institutions, and I will fly back to Joensuu in the evening. It has been a great experience to experience different European cultures! I hope that I can be part of similar tour also in future.

Jarkko Suhonen

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