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et.lakes goes oppi festival

10 Apr 2014

At et.lakes, we have been quite excited with the upcoming Oppi Festival. It touches several points that are dear to us: education, innovation, global impact, and working with the users. To reflect that, no less of four of our people will be attending and interacting with everyone at Finlandia Talo.

Antti Vikman, of Nolwenture, will attend. He has recently been appointed manager of the Joensuu Entrepreneurship Society, and we had him at our kick-off event presenting the new iPad app he has been developing with teachers from Karelia. Also, Carolina Islas Sedano, founder of Ubium, will attend. One of her educational games, Tekgame, has already been used by theMuseum of Technology in Helsinki. Her work has resulted from involving students and teachers in all stages of the design.

From the edtech research group, Myriam Munezero and myself will be attending. Myriam is finishing her PhD on Natural Language Processing to support emotion detection.

In my case, I have just submitted my PhD dissertation for review, and will have plenty of time to engage with people at Oppi. My research has been on programming education, in particular with a tool to animate students' Java programs: Jeliot 3, which is used in lots of universities all around the world. Also, I am keeping et.lakes alive and looking for funding to continue its activities.

The good thing of being four of us is that we will be able to divide ourselves and attend as many parallel sessions as possible. We will be able to sum up the festival in a long blog post next week. Meanwhile, follow us in twitter for instant updates.

Andrés Moreno

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