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Helsinki get-together 30.5 14.00 @ D122 Exactum Building, Kumpula Campus, Helsinki


To achieve the goal of internationalization and support for educational technologies start-ups, et.lakes has asked more than 15 experts to contribute in this expert panel. In the half-day meeting et.lakes will present et.lakes products and services to a group of entrepreneurship and development experts, ministry officials, and researchers, including you. In the panel we would appreciate your feedback and reflection on our work to prepare a roadmap for the project.


  • 09.00 Pick up from Kiasma Museum of Modern Art, Helsinki
  • 09.45 Arrival at Hvittorp, Espoo
  • 10.00 Presentation of et.lakes roadmap Prof. Erkki Sutinen, University of Eastern Finland Roadmap

  • 10.30 et.lakes focus on educational technologies Open to panelists

  • 11.00 Internationalization of et.lakes Open to panelists

  • 11.30 Entrepreneurship and et.lakes Open to panelists


Aape PohjasvirtaInclusion/startup sauna
Ari KorhonenCicero
Birgit NevalaFinnpartnership
Carolina Islas SedanoUbium Ltd
Eeva NygreenEvangelical Folk High School of Kitee
Gospel OparaochaAalto University
Jaako HelminenClimate Impact Consulting Ltd
Jari JokinenAalto University
Jorma PaukkuForMin
Jyrki IjäsKansanopistoyhdistys
Lasse HakulinenAalto University
Leo OlasvirtaMinistry of Foreign Affairs
Maria Luisa Lima-ToivanenVTT
Mikko ApiolaUniversity of Helsinki
Pekka RauhalaAnycon Project Consulting Ltd
Suvi SundquistTEKES
Ulla KakkonenEvangelical Folk High School of Kitee

Place Hvittorp, Espoo
Date 2013-12-02

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